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Floating is an unparalleled experience that gives you the opportunity to completely break away from reality and do absolutely nothing for 60 minutes. No light, no sound, reduced gravity...just a serene space and sense of weightlessness that will leave you wanting more. As we like to think of it, floating provides "The Ultimate Relaxation" which empowers both the mind and body. Whether you're looking for a little escape, a tool to recover and restore, or a way to reach an optimal state of mind, floating is for you. 

Here at Float Therapy we have 3 private rooms, each with their own float tank, shower, and more. Our custom Float Tanks are extremely roomy and perfect for you to stretch out and relax. Just remember to breathe through the process and be open to the possibilities that await you.
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What is Float Therapy?

Float face up in a large float chamber or tank filled with therapeutic water diluted with 1300 pounds of epsom salt. This allows your muscles to completely relax as the heavily salted H20 allows you to float effortlessly on top of the water. When we lay, sit, or stand we use different muscles in our body to perform those functions. When we float our bodies truly have an opportunity to relax and reset themselves as there is no pressure on our muscles and joints.

Benifits include: Anxiety Relief, Joint Pain Relief, Muscle Tension Relief, & more
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Frequent Floater Memberships 
Save Money While You Float

Membership Level 1

  • 30% Savings Per Float
  • 3 Month Commitment
  • Float Credits Never Expire
  • Share Float Credits with Friends & Family

Membership Level 2

  • 50% Savings Per Float
  • 3 Month Commitment
  • Float Credits Expire after 30 Days if Not Used (No Exceptions)

Platinum 1

4 Floats per month

Platinum 2

4 Floats per month

Gold 1

3 Floats per month

Gold 2

3 Floats per month

Silver 1

2 Floats per month

Silver 2

2 Floats per month

Bronze 1

1 Float per month

Bronze 2

1 Float per month

Experience "Nothing" Like Never Before!

Let your body relax! Stress, Traffic, & Work are just a few reasons why it is time for you to treat yourself to the ultimate relaxation and experience "nothing" for an hour while your body is revitalized in our float tanks. 

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